The End of the Line

Author: Sharon E. McKay
Publisher: Annick Press

Ordinary citizens risk everything to save a young Jewish girl in wartime Holland.

Currently on the shortlist for:

CLA (Canadian Library Association) 2015 Book of the Year for Children award.

Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award 2016.

Atlantic Book Award, 2015.

The National Chapter of Canada IODE Violet Downey Book Award 2015.



This novel … [allows] children to learn some grim realities without annihilating their sense of hope …”

—Kirkus Reviews, 08/27/14

...a thoroughly appealing, totally engaging book for young readers...

The Children’s War, August 29, 2014

This book is absolutely heart-warming. I was a little trepidatious when I began the story, thinking that a WWII story aimed at 8-11 year olds might be too horrific to be digestable. But I was blown away by how thoughtful Sharon McKay was in the telling of her story, how gracefully she handled the horror of the war that engulfed Europe for six long years.

Mable's Fables Reviews

… a story that will stay in your thoughts long after you have read the last word. Superbly written!

— Sally’s Creative Corner, 10/16/14

… an excellent short novel …

— LibrisNotes, 11/27/14

… a suitable introduction for children to the Holocaust and World War II.

— Youth Services Book Review, 12/06/14

The author combined history and fiction and made both come alive.

— Association of Jewish Libraries Reviews, 12/14

… gentle, simple story … with well-drawn characters …

— Library Media Connection, 06/14

… would serve as a good introduction to the deprivations suffered during war.

— River Readers, 01/27/15

… makes your heart feel like it’s beating out of your chest with each turn of the page. It’s wonderfully descriptive with emotion … You’ll be angry, you’ll be horrified, but ultimately, you will feel incredible love and relief. I loved this book.

— Mom Read It, 02/08/15

… a wonderful, amazing book.

— Inside Toronto, 10/22/14